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Website Translation

Translating and localising your website is one of the most cost-effective ways of communicating with the international market, increasing your client base, and instantly giving your company a global profile online.

Creating an online presence across national borders is not easy though! An international audience must have a clear understanding of your business and what it has to offer. It’s important not to alienate audiences in other countries by including content that is incorrect or irrelevant to them.

Our specialist translators are experts in transcreating websites and will work closely with you throughout the entire process to make sure the translation is carried out to your satisfaction.

We can translate and localise websites into any language

Our website translators:

  • Live in the target country where the translated website content will be used
  • Are experienced and qualified internet marketers
  • Specialise in media and entertainment translation
  • Have professional experience in journalism, public relations, marketing and advertising
  • Are native speakers only
  • Have a strong sensitivity towards cultural-communicative differences
  • Are professionally qualified to degree level, Masters or local equivalent
  • Are members of professional bodies

Studies have shown that customers prefer to buy from websites that are written in their native language. But it’s not just about the language itself.

Website content translation involves a number of factors that relate to both linguistic and cultural issues. Our translators will make sure that your web content reads naturally in the target language. This means that they will also ensure that everything on your website makes sense in the target culture.

Professional website translation involves considering how the following elements, among others, are conveyed in the target language/culture:

  • Currency symbols
  • Dates, times and local holidays
  • Cultural references
  • Product descriptions, e.g. measurements, weights

Website translation costs are generally based on the word count of the text that need translating, but we also provide individual quotes based on the scope and volume of the work involved.

If you’re looking for a multilingual website translation service, look no further than Tongue Tied. We can translate into and out of any language.

Our website translations are:

  • Accurate: We provide accurate translations that also replicate the style and tone of your original document. All our translations are proofread by a qualified native translator.
  • Comprehensive: Our typesetting team will return your translation in the same layout and format as the original. We can also provide a full printing service if required.
  • Efficient: We use the latest industry software and website localisation technology to build a unique translation memory for each of our clients. This means that repeated text is not translated from scratch each time and lowers the price you pay for the translation! It also means that the text across your website remains consistent!
  • Confidential: All our translators sign a non-disclosure agreement with Tongue Tied.

For more information on our website translation services or for a website translation quote, please contact us:

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