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Tongue Tied at a glance – We are offering you the “certain something”, the “je ne sais quoi”, the “gewisse Etwas”…

Tongue Tied offers a comprehensive language solutions platform. Our one-stop service blends translation, project management and typesetting to communicate the results you require. We can provide you with print-ready files in your target language that are consistent with your original material and we even offer a print service supplying you with finished printed documents (brochures, manuals, data sheets, folders etc) efficiently and cost-effectively in any language. Our spectrum of services also includes website translations, proofreading, interpreting, voice-overs and transcriptions.

  • Our translation services are exclusively carried out by skilled linguists  who are living in the country/region for which the message is intended. This has proved to be the best way of achieving the highest quality results and a translation that mirrors contemporary language application. Languages are alive and continuously evolving, hence, if a translator has not been living in the country for some time, they may no longer be in touch with modern usage.
  • Proficiency in the source and the target language. We will work with you in order to find a translator that matches your requirements. By working with translators and interpreters that exclusively translate and interpret into their native language, Tongue Tied can ensure precision and an absolute understanding of all of the nuances of the desired language that could make or break a campaign or translation project.
  • A blend of precision and flexibility. Although it is important to stick to the source text, a certain degree of flexibility is essential to ensure that the translated text has the same impact on the target audience as the source text does. The intention is to correctly communicate the notion without losing any of its meaning in the translation process. Tongue Tied’s translators are specialists in their particular fields and will always collaborate closely with you throughout the project to guarantee that the translation is being executed to your complete satisfaction.

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