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International business is more challenging today than ever before – designed in Germany, produced in Taiwan, assembled in Mexico and sold in the US – the world is one big marketplace!

Within this global economy, national laws, industry specific guidelines and international legal relations all have a part to play. Companies operating on an international scale have to deal with various legal systems and comply with local customs to meet high demands.

With more than 23 years of experience in this sector, we are aware of the intricacies that are involved in legal translation. Tongue Tied specialises in providing accurate translations of sensitive legal texts with the highest degree of precision, so you can be sure that every detail of your documents will be conveyed to your partners worldwide.

We work with highly qualified and experienced professional legal translators to meet even the most complex and specialist legal translation needs. We work in every language combination and can cover everything from witness reports, contracts and policy guidelines to appeal preparations and court proceedings.

Our legal translators are:

  • Professionally qualified to degree level, Masters or local equivalent
  • Native speakers only
  • Based in the country where the translated material will be used
  • Members of local professional bodies
  • Highly experienced in the legal sector
  • Familiar with contemporary legal terminology

For more information on any of our legal language services, please contact us:

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