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DTP & Typesetting

Once your translation is complete, Tongue Tied can also arrange the translated text(s) according to the layout and design of your source document. We just need the actual file in which the document was created from you, for example InDesign, Quark Xpress, Ventura, Publisher, etc.

Typesetting your translation means that the formatting of the original document will be replicated, and the translation will look exactly as it did in the source language. Images, tables, etc. will all be formatted according to the original version of the document.

Languages vary in appearance – some languages read from right to left, some have different characters, some have longer words and phrases than others, so your translations might end up looking a bit odd before typesetting!

Multilingual desktop publishing involves making adjustments to make sure the translation fits into the layout of the original text.

That’s why typesetting or desktop publishing saves you time having to work on the layout of your translated file, and as our native-speaking translators check the files once they’ve been typeset, you can be sure that the new document works perfectly in the target language!

We have typesetters who can work in all languages, so whether you have an Arabic typesetting job or a Chinese typesetting job, our multilingual typesetting team will be able to help!

Our full colour flatbed scanner helps us to keep costs to a minimum, and our full colour capable image-setting equipment means that we can get the job done quickly and efficiently!

Once the typesetting is complete, your files are proofread again by our translators. We then return the typeset files to you in the required format, and also as PDFs, so that you will be able to view them on any machine!

Typesetting costs are based on the number of pages in the document/s.

For more information on our professional typesetting services, please contact us:

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