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Transcription Services

Tongue Tied provides accurate, reliable and confidential transcription services. We can provide foreign language transcription as well as English.

We can transcribe in any language (e.g. German to German) and to and from any language (e.g. English into German), to suit any deadline.

Our transcriptionists are based all over the world and specialise in all subject areas, whether it be financial, medical, legal, market research, focus groups or any other business-related subject matter. This means that we can meet the demands of a wide variety of clients who require in-depth knowledge of industry-specific terminology.

Whether you need conference call recording and transcription, digital audio transcription or multi speaker audio transcription, we can help.

What does a transcriptionist do?

A transcriptionist listens carefully to audio recordings or even live audio and writes down what they hear.

Audio to text transcription requires excellent listening skills and a lot of patience.

Transcriptionists are highly skilled individuals, who have an outstanding command of language and pay close attention to detail in their transcription writing. They’re also very fast typists – transcription typing is a fine art!

How quickly can I receive my transcription?

This depends on a number of factors, such as the subject matter, length of the audio, the speed and clarity of the speech, and the number of speakers and languages involved.

Same day transcriptions are usually possible for shorter audio recordings.

We will discuss the turnaround time with you before making a start on your transcription and will make sure that it is suitable for your requirements.

Are there different kinds of transcription?

Yes, there are two main types involved in general transcription practice: full verbatim transcription and intelligent verbatim transcription.

Full verbatim transcription involves writing down everything the speakers say, including verbal fillers like ‘uh’ and ‘ah’.

Intelligent verbatim transcription doesn’t include these fillers and involves the transcriptionist cleaning up the text to make it easier for the reader to follow, for example by correcting grammatical mistakes.

How do we calculate transcription costs?

Most of our quotes are based on transcription rates per audio minute, but each project is unique and dealt with on an individual basis.

Transcription charges and the time it takes to complete an assignment are determined by the duration of the audio/visual material, the sound quality, the clarity and speed of the speech and the number of people talking, as well as the desired format of transcription.

Tongue Tied can provide a quick transcription service and has the capacity and experience to effectively deal with all market research transcription projects, including in-depth interviews, focus groups, video transcription, breakouts, podcasts, telephone interviews and much more!

Once the files have been transcribed, they are then subjected to a further quality assurance process.

The transcriptions can be written into a template supplied by you or we can also provide transcription templates.

Time stamps can also be included in the transcription document at certain intervals or whenever a new speaker starts talking.

All transcriptionists sign a non-disclosure agreement with Tongue Tied.

For more information on our transcription solutions, or for a same-day quote, please contact us:

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