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Technical Translation

Technical documents are some of the most demanding texts to translate. Globalisation means that communication between international companies is becoming increasingly complex. Documents need to be accurately translated in order to communicate information effectively across borders. This requires not only outstanding language skills, but also an in-depth understanding of the commercial structure of the relevant industrial markets.

Tongue Tied now has a network of more than 600 technical translators, based all over the world, who can work between any language and within any technical discipline.

We match a translator for each technical project according to subject matter and specialisation. We ensure that our specialist linguists have the right experience in the relevant sector, either through work experience or academic studies.

If you’re happy with the work of one of our technical translators, we’ll make sure to use the same translator for your future projects. This means that they’ll be familiar with the technical terminology used within your company.

We translate all types of technical and engineering documents, including: manuals, patents, contracts, data sheets, reports, software and websites, from and into any language.

So, whether it’s a German to English technical translation you need, or an English to Italian technical translation, we’ll have the right translator for you.

In fields like engineering and technology, terminology is particularly important and a thorough understanding of technical terms is essential for a translator to convey concepts clearly. Accuracy is vital to a high-quality technical translation and a tiny mistake could have severe and costly consequences! As technical terminology is usually very specific, we ask our customers to provide us with glossaries, previous translations or related websites to help the translator remain consistent in their usage of terms. On larger projects assigned to a team of translators this means that the technical item in the first chapter of a manual will be the same in the final chapter of the document!

Some of the world’s most successful organisations trust us with their technical document translations, including Siemens, Bodycote, BMW and Philips, to name just a few! You will see from the testimonials (link) on our website that our service and technical accuracy is second to none!

Our technical translators are:

  • All professionally qualified to degree level, Masters or local equivalent
  • Native speakers of the target language
  • Based in the country where the translated technical content will be used
  • Members of local professional bodies
  • Highly experienced in industrial, technical and commercial sectors with years of practice in the translation of scientific and technical texts
  • Familiar with contemporary terminology

Our technical translations are:

  • Accurate: We provide accurate technical translations that maintain the style of the original document, and that can be published and used immediately.
  • All of our technical translations are proofread by a suitably qualified native translator.
  • Comprehensive: We will return your translation in the same layout and format as the original document and we can provide a full printing service.
  • Efficient: We use the latest industry software to build a unique translation memory for each of our clients. This means that repeated text is not translated from scratch each time and lowers the price you pay for the translation!
  • Confidential: All our translators sign a non-disclosure agreement with Tongue Tied.

For more information on our technical language services, please contact us:

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