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Research in the pharmaceutical and medical field could have an immense influence on our everyday lives and society.

Tongue Tied specialises in the translation of medical and pharmaceutical documentation from and into any language. We regularly supply translations of medical documentation, such as studies, clinical trials and information leaflets for a number of medical organisations.

We can help with the following document types and much more:

  • Medical notes translation
  • Medical market research translation
  • Medical leaflet translation
  • Translation of medical forms for clinical trials
  • Translation of findings from medical studies

There are many areas in which fundamental research could achieve ground-breaking results – from combatting incurable illnesses to studying bacteria within the food industry.

Most research companies already operate on a global scale, which means that the transfer of knowledge in practice and teaching is becoming increasingly significant. The medical field presents numerous challenges in terms of language, for example there is a great deal of specialist terminology that has developed from Latin and Greek.

Scientific texts like these are particularly difficult to understand for somebody who has no medical background, even if they are written in their native language. It is also extremely important that information is translated accurately; there is absolutely no room for error in this field.

That is why we make sure that all of our medical and pharmaceutical translators have the highest qualifications, many years of experience and are well-informed on current developments in their relevant fields.

Our medical translators are:

  • All professionally qualified to degree level, Masters or local equivalent
  • Nativespeakers only
  • Based in the country where the translated material will be used
  • Members of local professional bodies
  • Highly experiencedin their specialist fields
  • Familiar with contemporary terminology

We work with translators all over the world, so whether it’s a Portuguese medical translation, a Russian medical translation or an Arabic medical translation you need, we’ll have a translator who can help.

Our medical translations are:

  • Accurate: We provide accurate medical translationsthat maintain the style of the original document, and that can be published and used immediately.
  • All of our medical and pharmaceutical translations are third party proofreadby a suitably qualified native medical translator.
  • Comprehensive: We will return your translation in the same layoutand format as the original document and we can provide a full printing If you need to translate a medical report from English to Arabic, for example, we can involve typesetters to make sure that the formatting of the original document is replicated.
  • Efficient: We use the latest industry softwareto build a unique translation memory for each of our clients. This means that repeated text is not translated from scratch each time and lowers the price you pay for the translation!
  • Confidential: All our translators sign a non-disclosure agreementwith Tongue Tied. If you ask us to translate medical records from Spanish to English, for example, you can be assured that all of the information will be kept confidential by our translators.

With our vast experience in producing medical translations and our long-term relationships with major names in this field, you can rely on Tongue Tied to be your ideal partner when you need high quality and technically accurate medical translations!

For more information on our medical and pharmaceutical language services or for a translation quote, please contact us:

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