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Our Translators

In order to meet all of our customers’ language needs, we have an international team of highly qualified and experienced translators and proof-readers, who are based in their respective countries. Our linguists are carefully handpicked according to their specialist proficiency in fields such as medical, legal or technical translation. 

Why only native speakers?

  • To guarantee accuracy
  • To ensure that the translator has a comprehensive understanding of the nuances of the language
  • To make sure that the translator is in touch with modern language use
  • To ensure that the translator is familiar with the country’s cultures, customs and slang

All of our localisation services are carried out by skilled linguists with experience and qualifications in the relevant field. They are also based in the same country as your intended audience. This is the best way of getting the highest quality results for you. Our qualified specialist translators will make sure your translations include all the nuances, details and terminology that are specific to your company.

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