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Tongue Tied provides experienced, professional, English and foreign language voice over artists for most world languages.

We use skilled, specialist script translators who will first translate your voice over scripts into the required language/s. You will then be able to review the translated scripts before we proceed to the voice over recording stage.

We’ll send you a number of voice demos in your chosen language/s for you to choose the voice over artist who’s most suitable for your project. If it’s a Spanish voice over you need, we’ll send over a selection of talented, Spanish mother tongue voice over artists for you to choose from.

The recording can be carried out at a studio of your choice or in one of our associated studios with professional voice over equipment. Many of our professional voice over agents are also able to work “in house” to eliminate studio costs, so we’ll always be able to meet your budget and timescale!

We’ll stay in contact with you throughout the recording process and will keep you up to date on your chosen voice over artist’s availability.

We can even add music to your recordings, or subtitles and translated on-screen text to your videos.

We can provide voice overs in pretty much any language, so whether it’s a Japanese voice over or a French voice over you need, we’ll be able to help!

You have probably heard our voices already – amongst numerous other projects, Tongue Tied has provided voice overs for the Driving Standards Agency, translating and recording the voice overs for driving tests into 36 languages!

We also provided voice overs into 12+ languages for CITB (The Construction Industry Training Board) Examinations.

So, whether it’s a corporate voice over or commercial voice over project you have in mind, we’ll be able to find the right talent for your job.

Our professional voice over rates vary depending on the languages involved, the required deadlines and the subject matter. Please get in touch with us for an individual quote.

For more information on our professional voice over services, please contact us:

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