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All of our translations are proofread before they are sent back to you, but if you would like a document that has been translated elsewhere proofreading, we can also do this! You don’t need to look elsewhere for a proofreading agency!

It is difficult to estimate proofreading prices due to the varying amounts of time that may be spent on the work. The proofreader might only need to make minimal changes, but if a translation is of a poor quality, it is sometimes cheaper to have the whole document translated again from scratch.

We will generally assume that a translation is reasonable, and estimate the price based on the word count at half of the list price for translation. The proofreading rates per 1000 words will also depend on the languages involved.

If you want us to proofread a translation that you’ve had done elsewhere, we would need the original source text and the translation in order to proofread the text for you. The proofreader will be fluent in the source language and a native speaker of the target language.

We will send the proofread version back to you with any amendments made by our proofreaders. They will also provide clear comments if there is anything else that they want to draw to your attention. All of our proofread documents will be delivered to you within an agreed timeframe

We aim to provide a fast proofreading service but will also take into consideration the quality of the existing text and the language combinations involved.

We can also proofread monolingual texts. This means that the text doesn’t have to be a translation of a previous text in another language. If you have an English document or a document in another language that you just want checking, we can do this.

So, what does a proofreader do?

Here is a checklist of things the proofreader will do when looking at your text:

  • Read through the text thoroughly to check that the meaning has been conveyed accurately
  • Check numbers, punctuation and other fine details against the source text to make sure there aren’t any discrepancies
  • Make sure that there aren’t any parts of the text that have been left in the source language
  • Check for any typos in the text
  • Check that the spelling and grammar is up to scratch

Professional proofreading is not the same as asking a colleague or friend to look over a text for you. The best proofreading service will be thorough and detailed, and any amendments or comments will be clear. Our proofreaders:

  • Are highly skilled native speakers who have an excellent eye for detail
  • Have vast experience in professional proofreading services
  • Are selected for the high quality of their work
  • Are specialists in their chosen subject areas

We can help with the following and a whole lot more:

  • Technical proofreading
  • Medical proofreading
  • Legal proofreading
  • Financial proofreading
  • Commercial proofreading
  • Monolingual proofreading (where there isn’t a text in another language to refer to)

Please note that proofreading and editing are often interchangeable terms, but they are not strictly the same thing.

What is the difference between editing and proofreading?

  • Editing involves checking the text to make sure it reads fluently, has been interpreted correctly, and is contextually accurate and consistent
  • Proofreading focuses on the linguistic detail of the text, including the spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax

For proofreading quotes and for more information on our proofreading services, please contact us:

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