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Transcreation, or an adaptation of a creative work into another language or culture, is a combination of flexibility and precision.

Copywriters who are fixated on concepts need to know to what extent the true message is based on puns, linguistic nuances and a metaphoric play on meaning. While it is imperative to stick to the original manuscript as far as possible, in marketing translation a certain degree of flexibility is vital to make sure that the translated copy provokes an identical response from the target audience as the original text, wherever in the world that may be.

The aim is to communicate the concept without losing any of its impact in translation.

Tongue Tied translators are specialists in the transcreation of advertising material and we work closely with clients throughout the entire process to ensure that your translation is conducted to your satisfaction.

Translations for the marketing sector demand an exceptional command of the use of linguistic intricacies as well as a great deal of sensitivity in terms of cultural-communicative distinctions.

Transcreation is a comparatively novel expression chiefly used by marketing and advertising professionals to refer to the process of adapting a message from one language to another, while maintaining its intent, style, vocal tone and context. For an advertising campaign to be effective in a foreign market, the skill to transcend languages and deal with cultural limitations is paramount to establish an effective international marketing campaign. Factors such as dialects, culture, conventions, idioms, humour and context have to be considered as any perceived lack of respect for cultures, local values, heritage and beliefs and may have negative effects on the target audience.

In the 1980s when businesses started to operate more and more internationally, people realised that it was not sufficient to just to translate the (written and spoken) words. Whole marketing concepts had to be tailored and modified to match the culture and expectations of the targeted markets.

A decade later, international operating marketing and advertising organisations began using the term “Transcreating” to distinguish their work in this field from translation. The insinuation is that, when applying an advertising campaign to a foreign market, it requires much more than just translation.

Today transcreation is a mainstream term in the advertising and translation community and as the concept of transcreation has established itself, marketers, realising its importance, are offering it as a specialised solution, using local translators based in the region the message is intended for.

To create effective transcreations, local copywriters need to have a broad understanding of their respective market, excellent linguistic capabilities and the skills to imaginatively adapt messages for that target market, whilst being a skilled advertising copywriter.

This is why, at Tongue Tied, we only work with highly qualified and experienced professional translators and for marketing and website projects we only ever assign experts living in the area where the campaign is targeted.

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