Onze Vertalers

To respond optimally to our various individual customers’ needs in all languages, we have an international team of highly qualified and experienced professional translators and proofreaders who are based in their respective countries. Our linguists are carefully handpicked according to their specialist proficiency in fields such as medical, legal or technical translation. 

Why only native speakers?

However well an individual speaks a second language, it will always remain just that: a second language. By working with linguists that translate only into their mother tongue, we can guarantee accuracy and a comprehensive understanding of the nuances of the language. All of our localization related services are carried out by skilled linguists with the necessary experience and qualifications for that particular field, who are based in the country for which the message is intended. This has proven to be the best way of obtaining the highest quality results and a message which reflects modern language application. Languages are alive and constantly evolving, hence, if a translator has been out of their country for a while, they might be out of touch with contemporary usage.

Qualified translators “on the ground” – cultures, customs and slang

Only those who have lived in a country for a number of years will be able to understand the way the people of the country work and think, and only these people will be able to capture concepts. Therefore all our projects are undertaken by qualified native linguists/writers with outstanding knowledge of another language.

However, linguistic excellence does not ensure a great end product. If a translator is assigned with a subject matter he/she is not conversant with, the results can be just as unsatisfactory. Therefore we focus on our specialist sectors to ensure that we always have the relevant background knowledge to achieve a top-quality result. Our qualified specialist translators deliver results to the highest of standards and translate your documents with all of the nuances, details and terminology that are characteristic of your company. For the specific requirements of the sector, our specialist translators work on your texts whilst drawing from knowledge of practices and terminology that they have acquired through many years of experience.