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Have you considered telephone interpreting?

Cost-effective, quick and easy to arrange – telephone interpreting is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to more traditional “face-to-face” interpreting.

In the past you may have used a face-to-face interpreter, where they are actually on site with you as the conversation takes place; however, fitting in with modern methods of communication, it is now possible to have a telephone interpreter participating in your meeting or conference call, and even making a call on your behalf.

As the telephone interpreter does not have to leave their office to go to a meeting location, there are clear cost-savings for the client, especially for frequent, quick conversations, with no travel or overnight accommodation expenses incurred. Furthermore, the service we offer at Tongue Tied brings flexibility – we are able to quickly provide a professional interpreter, in any language, charged for by the minute – so you only pay for the time that they are on the phone.

Whether you want to communicate with a customer in France, or you need to talk to a supplier in China, the benefits of telephone interpreting lend themselves particularly well to short international conversations where there is no common language. Another useful application of this service is for the legal profession when it is necessary to accurately collect information from a client in their native tongue, for example about an accident, ensuring that they fully understand what is going on.

Of course, interpreting over the telephone will never completely replace conventional methods, as there are some circumstances where it would just not be suitable. We are therefore pleased to offer a spectrum of interpreting services catering for everything from one-to-one site visits to conferences requiring simultaneous interpreters and interpreting equipment.

To find out more about any of Tongue Tied’s complete range of language services, from translations to typesetting, and from proofreading to printing, please e-mail us at or call us on +44 (0) 1606 352 527.

Danielle Bastiaens

Danielle Bastiaens

I am the project manager and business development manager at Tongue Tied (Manchester) Ltd. I am passionate about the arts, culture, food, travelling and languages and love to read, write and translate about any of these subjects.

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