All of our translations are proofread before they are sent back to you, but if you would like a document that has been translated elsewhere proofreading, we can also do this!

It is difficult to estimate how much proofreading will cost due to the varying amounts of time that may be spent on it. The proofreader might only need to make minimal changes, but if a translation is of a poor quality, it is sometimes cheaper to have the whole document translated again from scratch.

We will generally assume that a translation is reasonable, and estimate the price based on the word count at half of the list price for translation.

We would need the source text and the translation in order to proofread a document for you. The proofread version would show any amendments made by our proofreaders and be delivered to you within an agreed timeframe

Our proofreaders:

  • Are highly skilled native speakers
  • Have vast experience in professional proofreading services
  • Are selected for the high quality of their work

For more information on our proofreading services or for a same-day quote, please contact us:

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