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Tongue Tied offer a print service supplying finished printed documents (brochures, manuals, folders, etc.) in any language.

The material is either printed on our state of the art 4-colour digital presses, producing high quality, quick turnaround prints for small quantities, or on our 4 and 5-colour litho presses for larger quantities.

Tongue Tied use lithographic and digital printing as it is speedier and more cost effective and we can print any material in Black & White, 2 Colour, 4 Colour etc.

The finished work can be stitched or bound in any format, using any known paper quality.

The work we have completed includes technical manuals, ‘fold up’ multi-language instruction sheets, marketing flyers, bus and train timetables, international fact sheets, newsletters, and many other forms of printing.

All we need from you, in order to provide you with a competitive quotation would be your “Print Specification” – an example of which is below:

Example Print Specification for Quotation

  • 28 pages – dimensions 297mm x 210mm
  • 4 page cover 4-colour onto 250gsm silk and seal
  • 4 page text 4-colour onto 150gsm silk and seal

For further information regarding our printing services, or for a quick quotation, please contact us :

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