It is often said that language and translation are two of the main impediments to effectively introducing and managing a brand in international markets; however only few consumers are aware of the complex communicative challenges that underlie successful advertising messages.

Many organisations spend huge sums of money creating striking campaigns and slogans for their primary markets, but without careful consideration on how to convey their strategy into a foreign market, all the efforts are in vain.

Some of the biggest brands have suffered severe setbacks overseas, mainly because they did not invest sufficiently in researching the foreign market appropriately and scrimped on localization when launching their campaigns globally. Whilst often quite amusing for the viewer, these mistranslations and failure to localize are always embarrassing and damaging for the business itself. It makes the company look unprofessional and can costs millions…

Even the biggest brands sometimes lose their message when crossing linguistic and cultural borders and the same companies who have amazed us with their campaigns over the years have made some really avoidable errors by carelessly launching their products internationally, without taking into account the differences in language and culture.

Some of the more famous examples of this are the truly frightening Pepsi campaign that used the slogan “Pepsi brings you back to life” which was literally translated into Chinese as “Pepsi will bring your ancestors back from the dead….”

More recently, when food giants Kraft came up with the brand name “Mondelez” for their global snack business, derived from two Latin words, Monde, meaning “World” and Delez meaning “Delicious” all seemed well….  What they missed though, even after an extensive due diligence test, was that Mondelez actually means oral sex in Russian. This not only had repercussions on the Russian market, but also around the rest of the world, as word spread!

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Tongue Tied has extensive experience, and the necessary “people on the ground”, in international marketing and branding services and we can work with your team to grasp the opportunities presented by foreign languages.

Our marketing translators are:

  • All professionally qualified to degree level, Masters or local equivalent
  • Mother-tongue speakers only
  • Based in the country where the translated material will be used
  • Members of local professional bodies
  • Technical, commercial and professional experience
  • Familiar with contemporary market sector terminology

ACCURATE – We provide accurate translations that can be published and used immediately. Our translators aim to retain the style and spirit of your original document.

All of our translations are proofread by a suitably qualified native translator.

EFFICIENT – Using the latest industry software we build a unique translation memory for each client to increase efficiency – and we pass this saving on to you.

COMPREHENSIVE – Our DTP team will return your translation in the same layout and format as the original document and we can provide a full printing facility.

CONFIDENTIAL – All translators sign a non-disclosure agreement with Tongue Tied.

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