Market research raises unique challenges to the translation industry. Conducting international market research requires an understanding of the language of the people being researched, as well as the local culture of the market.

Market Research translations, from and into any language, are a particular speciality of Tongue Tied and we regularly service many of the industry’s major players, such as Mercer, MRUK, Hall & Partners, Harris Interactive, GHK, Brasil Global Research, Micomms, Precision, Wright Research, Harte Hanks, Infocorp, TNS, RSM, RDSI & MVA to name only a few. We have numerous translators in most world languages who specialise in market research translation solutions, including the translation of on-line surveys containing html coding.

It is essential that your needs and requirements are being fully understood as all elements have to be 100% accurate in the research material for foreign language markets, so that questionnaires have the chance of providing informative, reliable and accurate results.

Post-survey, we also provide response and reporting text translation to assist your organisation in distributing and sharing results with different regions.

Tongue Tied Market Research translators are:

  • All professionally qualified to degree level, Masters or local equivalent
  • Mother-tongue speakers only
  • Based in the country where the translated material will be used
  • Members of local professional bodies
  • Industrial, technical, commercial and professional experience
  • Familiar with contemporary market sector terminology

ACCURATE – We provide accurate translations that can be published and used immediately. Our translators aim to retain the style and spirit of your original document.

All of our market research translations are proofread by a suitably qualified native translator.

EFFICIENT – Using the latest industry software we build a unique translation memory for each client to increase efficiency – and we pass this saving on to you.

COMPREHENSIVE – Our DTP team will return your translation in the same layout and format as the original document and we can provide a full printing facility.

CONFIDENTIAL – All translators sign a non-disclosure agreement with Tongue Tied.

For further information regarding our market research languages services, please contact us :

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