On completion of the translation Tongue Tied can also typeset the translated text(s) back into the source design document to your specification.  All we would need from you in order to do this would be the actual file in which it was created, such as InDesign, Quark Xpress, EPS, Pagemaker, Framemaker, Ventura, etc.

Our full colour flatbed scanner enables us to keep costs down to a minimum and our full colour capable imagesetting equipment means that maximum speed and efficiency is maintained.

Typesetting is charged by the page and once the typesetting is complete the file would be proofread again by the translators before delivery.  We would return the typeset files to you in the required format and also as PDFs so that you can view them on all machines.

For further information about our typesetting services please contact us at :

Tel: +44 (0)1606 352 527                          E-mail: info@tongue-tied-nw.co.uk